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Beego Shea is a singer, composer and a producer, originally from Slovakia.

Her career path led her through a church choir and countless singing competitions to Prague, where she continues in achieving her musical goals and dreams.

She started out in a Prague rock band where she got the real rock’n’roll schooling and also acquired her alias: Beego. Not long after that, she initiated various revival projects such as Czech Pussycat and a Madonna revival, then became a part of a dance crew Colors of Dance. She continued to foster her singing potential with a renowned opera singer Mrs. Ludmila Vavrečková.

From 2010 – 2015, she was the lead singer of a successful Prague band named “Dirty Blondes” which performed at hundreds of concerts around Europe, recorded two albums and shot several music videos. During this period, she also co-worked with top figures in the Czech alternative music scene.

Beego is the author of a unique singing coaching technique, which she applies in teaching beginning singers to develop their voice potential using mirrors. In 2013, she started her own project, Singing is fun; she offers individual singing lessons. Since then, she’s taught tens of students most of whom are now on the way towards their own musical career.

Together with four other partners and two external coaches, she established an NGO “New Life – young helping young”. The idea to motivate and help others came to life in 2012 and since then, the organization has helped several people in achieving their life-long dreams.

In 2015, Beego Shea fully committed to her solo career and at the moment, she is working on a project “Inspire Others” together with her team.


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